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Yard Sale: A Special Thanks

Water color flowers with Text that says: Thank You

Another yard sale has finished and I want to report on our progress. In any case, a garage sale is a means for the church to come together to be an outreach to the community, to generate funds for a specific project and for church people to bond in a special way. I know that I have been blessed by the new friendships I have forged from previous garage sales, and this time was no exception. I want to thank each person who gave of his or her time, love, and energy to make this garage/courtyard sale a stupendous success.

I would like to especially thank Mimi Burns, Michael Hoffman, Erick Gonzalez, Olivia Cancino, Melissa Cancino, Linda Wareham, Joyce and Gary Bergthold, Teresa Norris, Martha Quiroz, Martha Gentry, Ernestine Stansbery, Lori Drysdale, Barbara Olson, Carolyn Diaz, Fran Lee, Birdie Muchisky, Susan Johnson, Rita Rudkin, Sharon and Mark Hurd, Maio and Monte Winkler, Carmen Hortiales, Sharon Wileman, Nancy Coker, Joanna and Dan Michel, Edie and Art Swetman, Maria Garcia, Wade Hannah, Alberto Aguilar, Luis Alamillo, Teresa Reese, Joshua Trapasso, Lourdes Wileman, Ginni and Don Grainger, Peggy Roynon, Elsie Roynon, Donna Johanson, and Donna Johnson.

Special kudos go to Sharon Wileman for making the long drive from Pine Mountain several days in a row to help get LeBard Hall organized. Then she drove very early in the am to be at the sale, getting us started and staying until the last final, exhausted minute! Thanks to Marji Dalgarn who advertised the sale on social media with pictures taken by her great -with-the -camera mom, Lori Drysdale. A big heartfelt thank-you goes to Gary Bergthold who was our Mr. Muscles during all the weeks of presale organization, and who came daily for two weeks and tested every donated appliance which cut way down on the “does it work?” questioning. He then with his wife, Joyce, hung up all our signs. A grateful thank you to Nancy Coker who came after working all day, to price and help make the merchandise more saleable. A big thank you to Mimi Burns who allowed us to store extra furniture in her garage and who gave us lots of treasures from her extended family. More thanks also to our power couple: Joanna and Dan Michel, who brought and delivered countless truckloads of furniture and other bulky items for the sale and organized the chapel and cargo bin to hold all the treasures, before and even during the sale, cleaned up after the sale. And a final thank you to our furniture delivery staff, Michael Hoffman, Dan Michel, and Erick Gonzalez, who managed to unite customers at their homes with their bulky furniture purchases.

Without all your help the sale would not have happened, so thanks to all who spent many long hours praying for the sale, cleaning out closets, bringing boxes of stuff to church, picking up donations, organizing stuff, hanging clothes with our weekly “hanging up parties”, pricing all the collectibles, sorting the jewelry, preparing the workers food (a huge thank you to Barbara Olsen, and to Joanna Michel for their food offerings; and to Peggy Roynon who kept that kitchen open for all the hungry workers), advertising the sale, finding an organization to take the leftovers, getting the basement ready for the sale, setting up the outside merchandise early Saturday am, collecting money, being there selling everything from t-shirts to antique silver, cleaning up, loading the countless boxes of unsold merchandise in the Rescue Mission truck, getting LeBard Hall tidy, and showing God’s love to all who participated.

With God’s help, and thanks to all of our workers, we cleared more than two thousand four hundred dollars! The new-to-us, Grand Piano in the sanctuary is now paid in full. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Marcia Heerema Chairperson

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