Service  Member Price  Non – Member Price
Sanctuary use – (includes 4 hours for wedding, 1 hour for rehearsal) $300 $600
Minister’s Honorarium $100 (suggested) $150
Wedding Hostess $50 $125
Organist $100 $150
Soloist  $100 $100
Custodial Fee $50 $50

**Suggested Fees**

Initial non-refundable deposit of $50, with remainder due at rehearsal.


Reception (in Le Bard Hall)

Security deposit: $150. $75 non refundable if cancelation occurs, $75 is refundable if facility is left in the condition you found it.

All Inclusive : 4 Hours – Includes set up/take down of tables and chairs; Use of kitchen facilities which include dinnerware, stainless eating utensils, table cloths, dish towels, coffee makers and punch carafes. No glassware is provided.

Member Price Non – Member Price
$300 $600

4 Hour- Rental of the hall that includes setting up/taking down of chairs and tables; Kitchen staging area including coffee pots and punch carafes.

Member Price Non – Member Price
$200 $500

**Suggested Fees**

Child care space: $25 per hour.


Please make checks payable, individually, to the Church, Minister, Wedding Hostess, Organist, Soloist, or Custodian.  For more information, or to book your wedding, please call or email the church office:

(805) 524-2070


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