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Walk to Emmaus logoThe Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. The program’s approach seriously considers the model of Christ’s servanthood and encourages Christ’s disciples to act in ways appropriate to being “a servant of all.”

The walk will be:

Men’s Walk #56 will be February 23 thru 26th
Women’s Walk #56 will be March 2 thru 5th


This spiritual week-end will be held at the Ventura United Methodist Church. If you are interested in more information or would like to go to this spiritual week-end you can contact: Sharon Hurd 990-5956; Linda Wareham 746-6389; Mimi Burns 208-4327; Edie Swetman 774-8488; or you can talk to Pastor Bethany 575-708-1615.

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