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Service Clubs

hands holding up the word service
So many of our folks belong to service clubs, which provide scholarships to youth, and do other services in the world.

FWSC: Fillmore Women’s Service Club gives out scholarships to local high school students. They gave out 11 scholarships totaling $15,000 last year to students at Fillmore High School.

Ed and Martina McRae: have a scholarship they award each year to a high school senior who is involved in civic activities, is musical, and of good character. This is in memory of their son, Stewart, who died in 1984 two weeks after he graduated from high school.

Lion’s club: Lion’s Club gives out scholarships and they give cash awards to winners of “Speaker” and “Art” contests for local youth. They also collect used eye glasses for folks in other countries.

Soroptimist: Soroptimists is a service organization which gives out scholarships and does service in the local area, like clearing the walking/biking path around the edges of Fillmore (for more than 20 years). Fillmore’s Peace Pole is sponsored by the Soroptimists. A Fishing Derby @ Piru Lake “years ago” supplies the monies for the scholarships.

Civic Pride: came out of Vision 2020. This service club keeps Fillmore clean and pristine.

Rotary: Gives one scholarship a year to a local high school senior, and does service work all over the world, like cleaning mine water in Argentina.

House Farm Workers: HFW gives out three scholarships to children of farm workers. At the yearly Field to Fork fundraising event, the three tell some of their stories: one young woman came to the US
with her parents at the age of 10, not knowing English OR Spanish, now has a 4.5 grade average, and is on her way to becoming a doctor.

PEO is like a sorority, and they give out scholarships to female high school seniors, women in their second year of college or graduate school, and those training in doctoral programs. Fillmore’s local
group gives one scholarship to a high school senior each year, and sends monies to state and national tiers of the organization for larger scholarships for college, graduate school and doctoral women candidates. I received a scholarship from PEO when I was in seminary, for $1500.

If you are a member of one of these clubs, Thank You and Congratulations.
If you are not a member, ask practically anyone in church to tell you about “Their” club.

You may be surprised. And you will be blessed. Bethany

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