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Open letter from Martha Gentry

I would like to thank all the volunteers (no arm twisting required) who helped on this last primary election day:  Bob and Pat Morris, Terry and Rita Rudkin, Barbara Shepherd, Paul Neuman, Dan Michel, Rev. Bethany Carpenter, and Tom Somers.

Their generous gift of time made the day go fast and efficiently.  Plus it is always fun to meet new neighbors and visit with old friends.

On that note I would like to let everyone know that after many many years of being the Precinct Inspector I am finally retiring.  The job is not terribly difficult and I would gladly help anyone who would like to step up and fill the position.

I will put that person in contact with the elections division at the county and help them with details.

I hope that someone out there will answer the call. The next election will be this November.  It should be interesting.

If you are interested give me a call.

Thank You,

Martha Gentry

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