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The One Step Center is closed until July 8th.   This is a time when many of the youth have other activities that they are involved in and many of the adult volunteers are working in the various fireworks booths. Fewer youth come to the Center in the summer months particularly if the weather is hot. The air conditioning is inadequate at the Center and this makes it less attractive as a place to hang out.   The annual brunch which was held in May raised around $8000 which is targeted toward upgrading the air conditioning.

The project for the last half of this year is to develop a business plan for an in house print shop. The Center would be able to produce buttons, banners, T-shirts and flyers for various events. This would give the youth training in developing a business plan, dealing with the financial aspects of running a small business, graphic design and marketing.

Pastor Bethany Carpenter is the newest member of the One Step Board of Directors, and the Center is very excited that she has agreed to serve in this capacity. As many of you know our Messy Church event is held at the One Step Center on the 4th Saturday of the month.   We are hoping to develop better ties with the youth and their families as time goes on, so that hopefully we will see some of them at Messy Church with their younger brothers and sisters.

The money raised at our Vacation Bible School this year for missions is targeted for the One Step Center.

The youth from the One Step Center will be serving at the Annual Field to Fork event, hosted by House Farmworkers of Ventura County. The event is held at the Historic Walnut Grove in Tierra Rejada on July 21st this year from 4-8 pm. The dinner is the primary fund raising event for House Farmworkers and is expected to generate close to $100,000.   Tickets are $130 after July 1st. Typically the event is sold out prior to the July 1st deadline. If you have never attended the event it is a very lovely evening in a beautiful place, and it honors those workers who labor every day in the fields of Ventura County harvesting our crops.   Our own Josh Trapasso will be volunteering at the wine and appetizer table as well as serving with the other youth. The funds generated are targeted toward advocacy and education about providing descent safe and affordable housing for those farmworkers in Ventura County.


Susan Johnson

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