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Last month’s Messy Church service, taking place on Christmas Eve leading up to our time-honored Bardsdale Christmas Eve service, was at our very own Bardsdale Church! Christmas crafts and activities included making real rustic wooden stools just like Jesus’ earthly dad who was a carpenter, a quite literal sharing of the Good News via tossing recycled newspapers AKA newspaper snowballs to one another, creating sweet gingerbread houses using upcycled donated school milk cartons, shaping chenille stems into toy angels, wearable halos and stars, and making Origami wrapping paper gift boxes. After the crafts and activities we all shared a meal and then headed upstairs ready for the solemnity this celebration of God’s Love come to Earth deserves. Our evening ended with our cherished candlelight service, with Holy Communion this year, together offering up our voices as we sang Silent Night to the Babe who saved us all.

MessyChurchDec2016-2 MessyChurchDec2016-1

Activities that we didn’t have time for that evening God found time for on Christmas Day when young, older, and in-between created sock angels after Moriah Hurd brought her Bubby downstairs and Karla Richerds assisted in creating a cookie cutter Nativity panorama. God gave us the baby Jesus, God gave us an amazing Christmas Eve Messy Church and Candlelight service and God gave us a beautiful Christmas Day Bardsdale Sunday service. We won’t see another Christmas Eve Messy Church, nor another Christmas Day Bardsdale Sunday service for another 7 years! Every service was truly special. We are so blessed to have a God who is so gracious, 2 devoted congregations and volunteers who answer their call to serve.

We have a Messy Church meeting in January on the first Thursday of the month, January 5th at 1pm. Subsequent Messy Church meetings will also be scheduled the first Thursday of the month at 1pm. Anyone is welcome to join us in Pastor Bethany’s office. We appreciate the input!

2017’s first Messy Church celebration on January 28, 2017 from 5pm-8pm at the One Step Center (431 Sespe) will explore both the opportunity for a new start we are given each New Year and the opportunity for a new start God offers us through the miracle of His forgiveness. Fun Bible story-related activities precede an interactive Bible story skit. We follow it all up by giving thanks together as we share a meal.

For more info call Jenn Hurd at (805) 727-0485. God Bless You!

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