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On Oct. 16th we will begin a “Jericho Walk.” For six Sundays, after worship, we will walk silently around the church property – from the front steps through the parking area, to the back of our little orange grove, then around the grove, through the grassy lot again, to the east side of the church and back around to the front steps. On the Seventh Sunday, which will be Nov. 27th, (the First Sunday of Advent), we will do that walk Seven times around, and on the last time, we will holler and blow trumpets if we have them. The purpose of the “Jericho Walk” is to Symbolically tumble down the walls of the church, so that people not here yet will be able to come in, and those of us inside, will be able to go out. It is a symbolic way to remind God and ourselves that we are open to new folks; that we want there to be no walls between us and Christ, nor between us and our community. We did this in Santa Fe, and our church grew. There is a Divine dimension in our world, and when we seek for and intentionally ask God’s help in Biblical ways like this, God provides. Walk if you can. Pray NMW.


Blessings, Pastor Bethany

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