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Discipleship Classes

Beginning on Thurs., September 13: both classes taught by Pastor Bethany Carpenter.

Disciple II is Thursdays at 2:15-3:30:  Class full! Sharon Hurd, Linda Wareham, Edie Swetman, Peggy and Elsie Roynan, Ernestine Stansbery, Susan Johnson.

Disciple I will be held on Thursdays at 4:15 pm:  Class full! Carolyn Diaz, Tom Somers, Carmen Hortiales, Richard and Laura Shaw, Andrea Meers-Legan, Mimi Burns.

September 18:  Nurturing – 10:30 am – Pastor’s Office

September 22: Pie for Breakfast Fundraiser ~ 10-noon ~ One Step A la Vez (421 E. Sespe St)

September 22 and 23: “Relay for Life” Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society ~ Sheills Park

September 29:  5th Sunday Pot Luck  – CHURCH VISIONING (after worship)

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