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Discipleship Bible Study


More info regarding the commitment to Discipleship Bible Study:

1 hour Bible workbook/Bible study daily…Sabbath off
2 hour meeting once a week for group discussion…..

IMPORTANT: We will be deciding the Day of the week, and the Time of that day on Sunday, September 4th, right after church. Up by the Piano. This coming Sunday.

* The study is 34 weeks long. September to June, basically, with time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Bring a Study Bible and your calendars to our first meeting, (the Orientation meeting which will be on the day we all decide on Sept 4th)…
* If you miss a group meeting, you need to do the daily anyway, and keep up: there is no review of missed weeks. So the suggestion is to only miss one or two weeks, and only if absolutely necessary: life and death, as this study can mean the difference of life and death to your/our faith.
* This IS a UMC study, developed in the late 90’s by one of our UMC Bishops. It is actually a five year series: we will be doing the first year, which is the entire Bible. More about the other studies at the first meeting, the Orientation week 1.
* Pastor Bethany has taught this ever since she first took the class herself in 1996…she taught it in 1997…again in 98…was called into the ministry in a dream in 1998, and via the presence of God in 1999. She taught it three times in Santa Fe; some of those students taught it in subsequent years.
* We will decide when to start (asap) after the meeting on Sunday, Sept 4 right after church.
* The classes will end with a Service of Holy Communion on the 34th week; bring a Study Bible and your calendars to our first meeting, and we will see what day that will be.

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