What is a mission area, you wonder?

A Mission Area is a geographic grouping of churches within each District. The Bishop and District Superintendent expect all clergy and churches to participate in this structure to:

1) develop cooperative support among clergy and lay persons in the churches,
2) identify the strengths and potential for ministry in the area, and
3) collaborate, cooperate, and partner in fruitful mission and ministry, being accountable to each other.

Bardsdale UMC is part of the Channel Islands Mission Area with Camarillo KUMC, Camarillo UMC, St Paul’s Oxnard, Oxnard KUMC, Ventura 1st, North Oxnard, College Campus, El Buen Pastor, and Ojai UMC. We plan fellowship events and mission projects with all the churches in the Channel Islands Mission Area. We welcome ideas and assistance from laity.

List of Items Needed for Asylum Seekers Program at the Border

Gallon Bag

Lotion – travel size
Shampoo – travel size
3 Bar Soap – travel/hotel size
Comb 7” size
Kleenex pack- small
(Sandwich bag)

Sandwich Bag

Toothpaste – 1.5oz size
Disposable Razor
Band Aids (5)

Drop off is at El Buen Pastor UMC Santa Paula – Fridays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Our ONE STOP shower program also needs men underwear and socks.