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Sermon Series for Pre-Lent: 2018

Sermon Series for Pre-Lent:2018: “the Call” How does Christ Jesus Call us to be His hands and
feet (and voice, and strength, and compassion, and justice) in the world?

Jan 7: Mark 1: 4-11: Jesus’ Baptism and Epiphany for Us
His Call and ours (A Bright Idea)

Jan 14: John 1: 43-51: Call of Phillip and Nathaniel
He knows us before we are Called (A Prevenient Call)

Jan 21: Mark 1: 14-20: Call of Andrew and Peter, and James and John
We know about Him before we are Called (His Justifying Call)

Jan 28: Mark 1: 21-28: Jesus’ Authoritative “Teaching” by healing the man with an unclean spirit
Even the Demons know who He is (Our Sanctifying Call)

Feb 4: Mark 1: 29-39: Jesus heals Simon’s Mother-In-Law and others and then goes to preach and heal
in nearby villages for that is what He is Called to do.
He knows His Call and ours (Called to Perfection)

Feb 11: Transfiguration Sunday
God repeats Christ’s Call and tells us to “Listen to Him.”

2018 Lent to Easter Sundays
“Losing Lives to Lifted Light”

Feb 18: Mark 1: 9-15: Baptism, Temptation, Proclamation
Feb 25: Mark 8: 31-38: Suffering and Third Day foretold, Peter rebuked, ‘lose lives to save them.’
March 11: John 3: 14-21: Son of Man lifted up, light vs darkness, “deeds…done in God.”
March 18: John 12: 20-33: “When I am lifted up…will draw all people to myself.”
March 25: Mark 11: 1-11/Mark 14: 1-15:47: Palm/Passion Sunday
April 1: Mark 16: 1-8: Easter Sunday

2018 Lent to Easter Wednesdays, 6 pm ~ Food Provided (Food also provided on Maundy Thurs.)
“Death Shadow Purification” Workshops (Wed.) and Ritual (Thur.)
Plus Other Lenten Celebrations, also at 6 pm

Feb 14: Ash Wednesday(food provided)

“Death Shadow Purification” Workshops and Ritual (food provided):
Feb 21: Tribes
Feb 28: Grief
March 7: Trust
March 14: Faithfulness
March 21: Sharing
March 28: Blessing vs Cursing
March 29: Maundy Thursday: “Death Shadow Purification” Ritual (food provided)

March 30: Good Friday (no food)

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