Prayer List


Upcoming Events: 

Tuesday, November 2, 5-7 pm. @ El Buen Pastor: All Saints Celebration: “En Memoria de…”

Saturday, Nov. 6th, 9-11am, First Saturday $1 Clothing Sale 

Tuesday, November 30, ALL Charge Conference paperwork DUE

Saturday, Dec. 4th, 9-11am, First Saturday $1 Clothing Sale 

Saturday, Dec. 4th, 5-8pm, Church of Latter Day Saints; our Community Choir at their Nativity Event!

Tuesday, December 7th, 6:30 pm: North District Charge Conference. On Zoom.  

Prayer Concerns: RAIN, Linda Wareham (heart), Family Harmony, Elaine Hale, Mikey, Andrew & Family, Katie Berger (relapse), Amy and Bob Berger, Amanda Pauling, Sequoias, Redwood Canyon,  Tom S., Teresa Norris,  Jenn Hurd (knee), El Dorado Road to Stoplight, Jerry Peterson, Ken Brookes (caring for in-laws), Joanna & Dan Michael (Covid), Sharon and Mark Hurd, Susan Johnson, Marcus Ortiz, Joshua, Christina Delany, Ariel’s Family Move (G&J grand), Joyce Bergthold (appt.), John Griffin, America’s Family, Tristan Lerma, JoAnn Bishop (hit by car), Alma’s Family (husband died), Bob Morris (back), Carolyn Diaz (knee, blood clots), Joey, Barbara Olson (legs), Conner,  Janice Curruthers, Goleta Family esp. Alexandra (Covid), Annette Ross (cancer), Jenny, Folks in Extreme Weather, Karen Sheehan (Ernestine’s friend), Ellen Wall, Vaccinations Worldwide, Danny Elman, Wilson-Bolton Family, Bretzing Family, Soldiers, Refugees, Diane and Jim Arundell, Ceja-Andrade Family, Danny Fenster, Frank Estrada Family, Ken Smith, Marla Puccetti, Barbara Bean, Norma Sanford, Bradley Strong, David Brown; Scott, Cindy and 4 little kids; Dick and Arron Diaz, Mike Hoover, Doug King Family, Michelle and Emma Patterson, Marsha Porter, Lee Walker, USA, Harvard Shelter, Caregivers, Families, Children, Covid Death Families, Cancer Support Groups, Trafficking Victims, Folks in War Zones; All School Folks; Peace on Earth, Liberty and Justice for ALL.



Prayer Praises: Nancy and Emily (visited Teresa), Carolyn Diaz (even driving!), Brianna & Kai (Judi’s grands), Laura Shaw (family/Birthday), RAIN!! Barbara Peterson (doing well), Portia and Cas (jobs), Lynn Edmonds (back road to El Dorado), Marsha Porter, Ken Brookes, Jerry Peterson, Susan Johnson, Joy Asenas, Judy Hellrung, Ed and Martina McRae, Alex Golido (Covid; healed), Mark Hurd’s 74th, Ellisons (Luanne Perez’ Family), Julia Fitzgibbons’ Family (Carolyn’s dtr), Kathleen and Family (Covid recovery-Judi’s dtr), Jan Hansen (North District OM), Melissa MacKinnon (New DS), Karen Sheehan (friend of Ernestine); Ariel Bergthold Gamboa, Bowan and Baby Archer Gamboa (Grand and greats of Gary and Joyce); Sarah Fouhy (New Choir Director), Dan Michel (taking over Church Yard work), Zachary Lotshaw (Office Manager), Harv Oliver, One Step A La Vez Youth, Virginia Newman, Barbara Bean, Christine Schieferle (new Fillmore School District Superintendent), Maxine Merry’s 90th, Sharon Hurd’s “18th,” Dr. Melanie Carpenter!! Teresa Norris!! Grandchildren, Henry Hurd, Ernestine Stansbery, Judi Hartshorn, Marcia Heerema, Josh Trapasso, Rose Ondersma, Barbara Olson, Don Grainger’s 99! Emma Patterson’s 98!  Rex Varney, Eric Nelson, Maio and Monty, Annie, John and Fran Lee, Jennifer Salazar, Michelle Patterson (Emma’s daughter), Bishop Ruiz, First Responders.   



Travel Mercies: Nielsens, Marcia Heerema and sister, Mimi Burns, Joel Hortiales and Family, Health Care Workers, Refugees, Office Workers, Firefighters, Essential Workers, Teams, Grandparents, First Responders, All School Folks, Homeless Folks, Commuters, 26M Migrants WW.



Gone to Glory: Colin Powell, Larry Stamper, Jeffrey Joe Swenson, Ari Larson, Shannon Peterson Borger (cancer), Alma’s Husband (heart), Breeanna, Brian Curruthers, Ruth Freeman, 13 American Soldiers and 169 Afghan civilians, Howard Bolton, Jim Bretzing, Doug King, Jazmin Ceja-Andrade,



North District Covenant Churches and Pastors  


Pasadena: Pacific Korean Mission

 Pastor Paul Dowon Lee

Van Nuys UMC

Pastor Jay Ahn & Pastor Bo Yong Lee



Please email Zachary at, with prayer praises and/or prayer concerns.  Have friends email the church for ZOOM numbers, so they can get the email with the prayers and songs each week.  Bless you all.