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It’s that time of year again for us to get ready for our winter yard sale. A yard sale is a means for the church to come together to be an outreach to the community and for church people to bond in a special way. I know that I have been blessed by the new friendships I have forged from previous yard sales, and I am looking forward to this one, scheduled for October 1st. I want to thank each person in advance who will give of his or her time, love, and energy to make this yard sale another success.

If you would like to be a part of this sale, there are many avenues for service. First of all we need our prayer warriors to cover this outreach of the church. Then we need stuff! We hope you are busy cleaning out closets, and bringing boxes of stuff to church. If you need help picking up donations, please let me know and I will arrange something.

We also need help with our weekly “hanging-up parties”, which are Friday mornings at 9 am. At these times we price all the collectibles, sort the jewelry, and hang the clothes.

Closer to the yard sale, we need volunteers to bring the workers food, advertise the sale, get the basement ready for the sale, set up the outside merchandise early Saturday am, collect money, sell everything from t-shirts to lace, clean up, and finally load the countless boxes of unsold merchandise in the Rescue Mission truck.

It takes an entire church to host a yard sale, so I am gratefully asking for your help in advance! Thank you for being a part of this ministry –

Marcia Heerema Chairperson

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