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UMCOR COVID-19 Response Advance #3022612

Help the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) fight COVID-19. UMCOR is a global ministry of the United Methodist Church that sends teams to places of natural disasters and helps to assist in shelter, healing, recovery, and rebuilding. Funds are specifically dedicated to poor areas around the world, with 40% of the monies going to racial/ethnic and indigenous communities in the US. Your gift to Bardsdale UMC containing the UMCOR Advance number above directs funds to this specific program.

These funds will be used to secure doctors, PPE, nurses, hospitals, ventilators, etc. in places like the Navajo Nation and towns/villages in Central America and Africa. Our UMCOR Sunday offering is for the administration of UMCOR. Any money with an advance number on it goes directly to the place the number signifies.

UMCOR is consistently one of the first to arrive in places with challenges, and one of the last to leave. With your help, UMCOR provides sanitation kits, blankets, food, shelter, etc., as well as connection to government and agencies at the very beginning of any crisis healing. UMCOR stays until the crisis is resolved, helping along the way.

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