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kids' story time

We have Kids Story Time (KST) each Friday in LeBard Hall from 10am to 11:30am.  Right now Susan Johnson does first Friday of the month, Linda Wareham does second Friday and Sharon Hurd does third and fourth Sunday.

KST includes kids of all ages and adults who stay and visit.  We start with about 30 minutes of reading books of the teacher’s choice and about 30 minutes of an activity (coloring, painting, stickers, art or an activity outdoors; anything that goes with the books read).  Then the kids get a small snack after praying together at the little table in the nursery, and if time, kids get “free play” with toys in the nursery area, or use our balls, parachute, frizbees, hool hoops, etc. indoors or outdoors.

We would like to have another adult to take one Friday a month that fits their schedule and we’ll help you get started.  We do switch Fridays with each other if someone has a need.  Please pray about this fun, joyful event with kids.

If you’re interested contact Sharon Hurd, 805-990-5956.

Please e-mail or call 805-524-2070

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