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We are pleased to announce that Nicole Ying has agreed to be our pianist. She will start with us as of August 13th. Please welcome her to our church family.

color splatters with music notes 

Pastor Bethany is doing it again; trying to start something by saying,

“Let’s just try it…”


A Jam Band on Wed. nights…Beginning AUGUST 2…

5:30 PM…pizza/food/snacks/juice/electricity/piano/pueblodrum supplied


Bring whatever instrument(s) you have and

come on down…

a No Pressure Jam in Le Bard Hall.


Will call some folks, but if I don’t call you

I probably don’t know that you play or sing…SO just

Bring it on!

Jam Band~August 2~5:30 pm

C U & Blessings


Piano Movements in Bardsdale:

We have a new grand piano, from Mark McRae, son of Martina and Ed McRae (who was a pastor here twenty years ago). The previous baby-grand piano, from Pat Morris, has a new home, with Bob and Pat’s son Sean and his family. Grandson Ian plays the piano, and will enjoy this family heirloom on his vacations home from college. Thanks, Pat for lending us your mom’s wedding present for these past 17 years. Blessings to both extended families.

Mark writes, “This 1924 Schweighofer piano was made in Vienna by a firm second only to Steinway. The family who bought it lived in Cologne and had to flee the Nazis in the 30’s. They moved to Los Angeles where it was lovingly maintained until I acquired it. It is a very rare piano, as most were destroyed in the war. Many remaining pieces are in museums. I hope you enjoy this wonderful example of old world craftsmanship.”

According to Wikipedia, the Schweighofer firm began in 1792, and continued through Michael Schweighofer’s heirs “until 1938. They built a relatively small number of pianos per year, (usually less than 200), accounting for their rarity today.”

Our United Methodist Women paid for this new-old piano. Thanks to all of you, too.

Thanks to God, also, for pianos, families who care for them, churches where they are used in worship, and for Music, one of the leading avenues to God and the Kingdom.

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