Messy Church is a monthly worship service celebrating how God reaches out to us in our messy lives.  It is a church for folks who think they are too messy to come on Sunday, or those who have “messy” lives, or for families who just never seem to get a chance to be together doing fun things. It’s an hour or so of games (relays, sometimes water balloons, etc.), crafts, and snacks. There’s a short Celebration which dramatizes a chosen Bible story or theme, and we all eat together.

It’s for ALL AGES! It’s great fun! And Free!

Some of the crafts are messy, sometimes the games are kind of messy, and sometimes the food is messy.  Come as you are! All are welcome!

When?: 5-8pm on the 4th Saturday of each month

Where?: Fillmore First United Methodist Church,  421 Sespe Ave, Fillmore, CA 93015


February’s Messy Church service was beautifully messy and we are so grateful for it. February saw three new faces; Richard, Sally and Bella. There were many familiar faces too as we took a look at Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana where He turned water into wine.

Weddings seemed to be a divine theme that day as one of our usual families couldn’t make it because one of the children had to be fitted for a suit so he could be in a wedding! Also, Pastor Bethany, Mimi and Sharon helped at a wedding that began earlier that day at BUMC! They managed to leave a little early and prepare a lot beforehand so with God to guide us and wonderful people like Josh, Linda, Edie, Rosie, Chad, Joanna, Yetta, Sarah, Susan, and Art helping, the welcoming, activities, celebration and meal went off without a hitch! Even the new grown-ups, Richard and Sally, helped lend a hand! The joy and energy of the children was contagious! The evening was definitely a blessing!

March’s Messy Church service on March 25th from 5-8pm at the One Step Center in town (421 Sespe Ave.) will center on Jesus showing us how to love in the garden of Gethsemane. All are welcome! Children, please bring an adult. If you would like to offer your help with setting up, cleaning up, any of the many fun and creative activites we are planning, preparing the free meal we all enjoy or being a part of bringing the Bible story to life during a celebration skit, please call or text Jenn Hurd at (805) 727-0485 or email and God bless you!

Whether or not you can be there, please do pray for the members of our Messy Church family and for all of our families. May God keep showing us how to love to the fullest and be evidence of His love to advance the work of His Kingdom.