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Lenten Worship Services 2018

Lenten Worship Services, Workshops and Suppers 2018:

All Sunday Worship Services are at 10 am

All Weekday Events are at 6 pm.

“Death Shadow” Purification ‘Spirit Wash’ Workshops and Spirit Wash Worship

Wednesday Lenten Suppers, and ‘Spirit Wash’ 6 pm: (Soup and Bread provided)


             March 7:  Trust & Responsibility

   March 14:  Faithfulness & Purity

   March 21:  Sharing & ‘Spoils’

   March 28:  Language ~ ‘Blessings & Cursings’

Spirit Wash Worship

             March 29, 6 pm:  Maundy Thursday Supper: (Soup and Bread provided)

   Worship with Holy Communion and the

   “Death Shadow” Purification Spirit Wash   

“Sprinkle me with hyssop and I will be clean; wash me and I will be whiter than snow…” Ps. 51.7

Rev. Dr. David Bachelor wrote a doctoral thesis entitled, “Death Shadow; Christianity and Post-traumatic Stress.” In it, Bachelor explained that he had found in Numbers 19, a ritual that allowed warriors and survivors to be freed from Posttraumatic Stress or the Death Shadow, a real physiological-spiritual injury which affects people who live in violence, who come near to dead bodies, or who fear for their own or their beloved’s lives.  Numbers 19 gives a rite of purification for this injury.  A “slurry” of the ashes of an unyoked red heifer are mixed with running water, and sprinkled on one’s feet with “hyssop” and the Death Shadow is removed.

David Bachelor uses Hebrews to explain that Jesus’ blood from the cross replaces the slurry of ashes used in Numbers, and that Jesus’ washing his disciples feet (Gospel of John) was a Wash of purification for their upcoming experience with Death Shadow.  Bachelor’s thesis provides a plan of small group meetings before the Wash, so we will be having Wednesday Lenten Suppers and Wash Workshops through Lent, and Maundy Thursday’s Death Shadow Purification Wash will begin with another Lenten Supper followed by a Worship service with Holy Communion, followed by the Wash, itself.

Those of us living in the Santa Clara valley have recently gone through a time of walking “through the valley of the shadow of death.”  The fires, which came so close to Fillmore, were terribly beautiful to see as the wall of flames rolled east toward our town.  Those flames churned in us the memories of other fires, other losses, other times of terror.  Two died in the fire, and 23 in the resultant mudslide.

An older time of terror was March 12, 1928, when this entire valley was flooded by 12 billion gallons of water from a broken dam, and So Many Died.  Our church building was one of the morgues where bodies were brought, cleaned, photographed and sent to be buried in Bardsdale cemetery.  Other times of fear and loss include the fire on three sides of Fillmore, the fire on the Bardsdale side, and the earthquake of 1994.  This valley has been “of the shadow of death,” for a long time.

Come to the Wash.  Come yourself, and invite all you know to attend all the Workshops and the Wash,  to be cleansed from Death Shadow, and healed.  Veterans, first responders, domestic violence and abuse victims and survivors, and people who have “lost” family members are also welcome.  Let us live into the healing and blessings God, through Christ, has in store for us.  Come, be made clean.

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