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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is this Sunday: very important day in the life of the church: in fact, the reason there is a church at all.
Jesus Resurrected from the dead.  He taught and ate with His disciples, and they came to know God’s eternal love.
Easter Sunday begins with a breakfast of “Farmer’s Casseroles” prepared by the men of the church, at 8:30 am.  There is an Easter Egg Hunt and the children can “buy” goodies of all kinds (crayons, candy, balls, neon bracelets, etc) when they “turn in” the empty plastic eggs.
There is also a cross in the sanctuary, made to hold flowers from people’s gardens: that is a glorious addition to the Worship service, which starts  at 10 am.  Holy Communion will be served.
Lots of stuff happening at Bardsdale United Methodist Church.
It’s Easter: the most holy day of the Christian year.
Image with sun, text says "Happy Easter."

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