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This is a 34 week study program that takes you through select parts of the Bible.  It is a comprehensive look at both the old and the new Testaments. It does not require that you read through every book but it does provide a good understanding of the Torah, the Major and Minor Prophets, and the history of Israel and Judah.   It takes an in depth look at the life of Jesus, Acts and the letters of Paul. Lectures by wonderful Christian speakers are included every week in video. It requires one two hour meeting once a week and an hour of study each day except Sunday.

The class will be led by Susan Johnson.  The study will meet at 1:30 pm on Wednesday.  If this time doesn’t work for you, contact Susan with your preference.  If you would like to participate please let her know at  We plan to begin ASAP.  If you want to know more about it ask any of the previous participants.   Sharon H., Linda W, Edie S, Peggy and Elsie R, Ernestine S., Bev Hurst, and Susan J., or Pastor Bethany.

This is a wonderful way to bond with other members of the congregation.

Susan Johnson

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