Spring Sermon Series


Easter is not just one day – it is a season.  The season of Easter has litergical colors of White and Gold. The season of Easter ends on the day of Pentecost, traditionally the day Moses received the Law.  The litergical color of Pentecost is Red; because, on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit appeared on each disciple as a flame, and they could speak in other languages.  There was a sound of wind (“Pneuma:” wind, breath, Spirit). The church was born on that day and is the Body of Christ still working in the world today. Let us hear the lessons of Our Lord through the Gospel of John, words spoken before and after His death and Resurrection.  Words that speak of the “Joy After the Sad Before”… Wise Wondrous Words…


April 3:  John 20: 19-31 (In the locked room):  Believe      

April 10: Native American Ministries Sunday John 21: 1-19 (Breakfast by the sea):  Forgive                               

April 17: John 10: 22-30 (“The Father and I are one.”):  Know

April 24:  John 13: 31-35 (The new commandment):  Love 

May 1: John 14: 23-29 (A new teacher):  Rejoice

May 8: Ascension Sunday/ Mother’s Day  John 17: 20-26 (His prayer):  Unite

May 15: Pentecost John 14: 8-17 (“Ask in my name”) and Acts 2:1-21 (Pentecost): Abide

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