Sermon for May 2019

The Methodist Church has an “Open Table,” which means anyone can receive the elements: in this case, flat bread and grape juice, which in our ritual/liturgy we pray to become the Body and Blood of Jesus, which I translate to mean the “Strength and Spirit” of Christ, in order to remember that we can always begin again, leaving our past mistakes and bad choices (our sins) behind.
The Greek word for Sin is Hamartia, which is an archery term, meaning “to miss the bullseye.”  We all miss the bullseye quite often.  Christ Jesus lived a human life without sin: He always hit the bullseye.  And on the Cross, He took our sins and gave us His holiness; He exchanged His divinity for our humanity.  He knows what it is like to be human; we can, through Him, know what it is like to be divine. And as He was resurrected, so we too can be resurrected through receiving/accepting the Holy Spirit within us.  When we take Holy Communion, we receive these ordinary foods, bread and fruit of the vine, yet when we are open to receiving the Holy Spirit of Christ too, we can become empowered by the Holy Spirit within, and live lives more abundant and vibrant.  We can ingest the very DNA of Jesus of Nazareth the Christ, and live out powerful, meaningful, world changing lives, just like the early Disciples did.
At Bardsdale Church we offer this Holy meal to anyone who wishes to follow Jesus of Nazareth, the Anointed One, toward a perspective of life that includes a broader view of the world and our relationship to it.  When we receive the strength and spirit of Christ, we can more readily see with God’s eyes, and know that within us there is strength and spirit to do what needs to be done, to stand with those in the margins, to speak for those without a voice.  To feed the hungry, cloth the naked, visit those sick or in prison, to make the world more like the world that God first imagined when the “Spirit of the Lord brooded over the face of the deep,” and God spoke the Word that was made manifest.  We serve Holy Communion every Sunday, during worship.

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