Rosh haShanah

From a CLUE notice about Rosh haShanah [which 10 holy days later leads to] Yom Kippur…  

This year, Rosh haShanah began on September 18th, at sundown.  Yom Kippur is on the 27th.


I’ll [Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels] leave you selections from a beautiful reading about Rosh haShanah and the High Holy Days in general written by Rabbi Stanely Greenberg, distinguishing them from “holidays.”

At this season of the year our ancestors always wished one another a Shanah Tovah: “A good year.”  We usually wish each other:  “A happy New Year.”

They emphasized the thought that life’s central quest was for goodness, for uprightness. With us the accent falls on the pursuit of pleasure…


[written by Rabbi Stanely Greenberg,]

“…On holidays, we run away from our duties; 

on holy days, we face up to them. 

On holidays, we seek to let ourselves go; 

on holy days, we try to bring ourselves under control. 

On holidays, we try to empty our minds; 

on holy days, we attempt to replenish our spirits. 

On holidays, we reach out for the things we want; 

on holy days, we reach up for the things we need. 

Holidays bring a change of scene; holy days bring a change of heart.”

Shanah Tovah,

Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, CLUE Clergy in Residence

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