Have you seen the rainbows?

Tonight, I heard cats fighting… so I looked for mine inside, and didn’t see them, 

Then I went to the front windows to see if they were the outside cats…

And I saw the most glorious golden light cast on the fields across the street.  Brilliant.

All consuming.  All healing. All covering everything in heaven…

A Light…like a ray of hope in darkness; like glory manifested in a primordial world.

And I stood on the porch admiring that glorious golden sunset…And sang…

“Have you seen the glory,

Of a golden, wondrous sunset?

Have you seen the story, of God’s presence, precious present?

Have you seen the loving, of our God who shines upon us?

Do you know the beauty of the world?”


And then I saw a bunch of crows fly over, “a murder,” I thought,

And as I watched them head for the ponds,

I saw the rainbow… Glorious.  Full. Brilliant. Complete.  

And I walked off the porch into the moisturizer rain, 

And the rainbow grew even more brilliantly colored,

And then there were two…And I sang again…

“Have you seen the rainbow, of God’s promise always loving?

Have you seen two rainbows, spreading all across the valley?

Have you seen the beauty, of the world that God created?

Have you seen the love within our world?”


We are in the beginnings of a “new normal” that will change us all.

In the midst of this still beautiful world, there is this world wide dis-ease.

Yet God is still with us.  Here.


You see, as I went to see which cats were fighting, the sunset glorified the world,

And as I went to be near it, to feel the chill and the light, 

Then I noticed the murder of crows, and saw the rainbow, And when I felt the rain, softly kissing me, then the rainbows became brilliant and two.


I think about the flood and how God put rainbows in the sky to remind Him 

Never to do away with us again, not in water, anyway, and how there is always a remnant.

Noah’s family.  Trees alive and green on burned out hills.  Joseph in Egypt.


And I know that even now, our God is with us, calling us all to look for the beauty 

that is still in the world; to see the glory that may pass by swiftly, but will lift our hearts.

To hear and re-tell stories of singing neighbors; of the sacrifices of privacy for strangers,

of solitude for counsel, or of office practice for family.


I do know that one day, we will get to be together again.  And rejoice in Hugs and Kisses, and Songs sung in a circle, holding hands.  And I do know that we need not fear. We need only notice and be prudent and remember to see the beauty in this, our God’s world.



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