For Unto Us a Child Is Born, Unto Us a Son Is Given… Isaiah.

Through the Advent side of Christmas, I pray you each and all received Hope and Peace and Love and Joy, even as you received Christ.

Because Jesus did His work while on the earth; He inaugurated the Family of God…the vision The Most High has for earth and all its creatures, including us.  So, when we think of what it means to be Christian, let us realize that a New Thing has happened in the world.  God is with us: even today, even now.  And our work is to live into this vision of the world God created, and with Our Lord,

to continue to move toward wholeness.

Remember when you had your first child?  How your life changed forever?  Let our remembrance of Christ’s birth do that for us today.  Let us focus all our energy and purpose and hope on Him, and His dreams for His and our future.  Let us plan to give Him all He needs, and even more.  Let us imagine a world of Peace and Hope and Joy and Love for Him.

And He will answer our prayers and our deepest longings with more than we can imagine, in Goodness and Light and Life and sheer Joy.  Justice and Mercy will roll down like rivers in the desert.  Love and Peace will kiss one another in the streets as they meet.  Hope and Joy will live in Purpose and help us create the world God first imagined so loooooong ago.

Merry 12 days of Christmas, and a Happy New Year in the middle of that time.  And remember how much God loves each one of us: God’s will for us in Christ Jesus is that we Rejoice Always, Pray Constantly, and Give Thanks in all circumstances. (I Thess. 5:16-18)  When we do that, we allow our lives to be changed by this birth of this First Son.  Forever.  For the better.

Thanks be to God for sending us this Child.

Thanks be to God for loving us soooo much.


Pastor Bethany

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