“Come unto [me,] all ye that labour…and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” (Matthew 11:28).

While in high school I learned these words from Handel's Messiah, and the words there were “he/him”
instead of “me/I.” I always thought they were from the Biblical book of the prophet Isaiah, and that
Jesus was repeating these words of scripture when he spoke them personally in Matthew. The actual
words in Isaiah (Isa. 40:11), turns out, are a repetition of Handle's lovely tune; “He shall feed His flock
like a shepherd…” Both sets of words are precious to me, for the love of God they share, as an example
of the care God showers upon me. It is this same care that God showers upon Us.
The lovely idea that Christ can carry our burdens and let us rest is still a heavenly moment of peace
whenever this is sung at Christmas-time. When I worked in the grocery store, those moments of peace
when the house was decorated, the dishes were washed, the daughter was asleep, and I would sit in the
light of the Christmas tree and just take several deep breaths, I would think about how lovely and
gracious it was of Our Lord to take my burdens and give me rest. Something about breath and Spirit,
and these words in that music…When I hear those arias from the Messiah, especially on Christmas Eve,
my heart lets go of its burdens, and I feel that deep abiding peace that comes from trusting God.
This is always a BUSY time of year, and yet, most of us find that deep sense of trust and goodness and
care from God for us, and then we pass that along to other people. One of my ladies in Santa Fe went
through the coffee drive-thru and found to her surprise that the person in front of her had paid for her
drink, so she did likewise. We wondered how many people got a “free” coffee, and then paid for the
one behind to have a “free” coffee, too. Perhaps it lasted the whole day.
Sometimes people are asked, “If money was not an issue; if there were no pressing problems in your
life; What would you DO?”… And so I ask you: “If you were Certain God loved you beyond measure,
and could and would take your burdens; if you allowed yourself to be held in the palm of God's hand
without a care in the world, How would you share that Love with others?”
This Christmas, please Know that God cherishes you above all others, and that all your burdens He will
(and has, and does) take from you if you'll let Him, and you can find peace and rest, even for your soul.
Merry Christmas everyone,
In His Love, receive His manifold Blessings,
and be at Peace, surrounded by the Joy of Knowing Christ's Care for you and those you love,

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