“Any branch of mine that is barren [God] cuts away; and any fruiting branch [God] prunes clean to make it more fruitful still.” (John 15:2)

I remember reading about a little girl whose family grew peaches.  They would go out in the early spring, and take off some of the blossoms; later they went out and took off some of the peach starts. That way the peaches that Did grow were so full of the nectar of the tree, that they grew big and juicy and delicious. In Santa Fe, the fifth year I was there, the peach tree in the back yard, which had never born fruit, blessed me with ONE peach.  There had been a frost (which happened almost every year), and all the blossoms had died. Except that one. It grew hidden in the crook of a branch, and I didn’t even see it grow, until there it was on the ground! In stunned surprise I gathered it up, unbruised.  It was Big, Perfect, and So Delicious!

We must not be afraid to let God prune our lives.  God provides for and nourishes us whatever we have; whatever we believe; whatever we do.  Just as God provided for this church and its people before this building was here, so God will love this church and its people and those who follow, into eternity.  We are followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. He was a homeless man, after all, (Lk. 9:58) who, tho’ He had nothing, manifested a loving God to those who followed Him, and to us.  He offers us total healing and life eternal, (which includes now, you know). We can trust Him, even if He prunes us. Our God knows what wondrous fruit we can produce! Bring on the shears!

Blessings, Pastor Bethany

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