Another World is Possible by Rev. Ashley Horan

Rev. Ashley Horan

Another world is possible.
We say it, again and again,
even when the proof lies somewhere beyond the horizon,
beyond our reach,
beyond our imagination.

This is our faith:
Another world is possible.
Not somewhere else—
another world, another lifetime—but here, and now,
for us and for all.

Another world is possible. There is no single path toward that world;
no one strategy or approach that will restore balance, heal brokenness,
sow wholeness,
free creation.

There are many routes toward liberation;
toward freedom.
But the abundance of options does not absolve us of
the responsibility of acting.

Another world is possible.
The call—the duty— 
of each moment in history Is to discern:
Who are we, and what can we bring
with humility, integrity, faith?

What is the context, and how can we address it with agility, resilience, skill? What is the vision, and how can we realize it with accountability, relationship, joy?

Another world is possible.
In this time of despair, of fear, of collapse—this time that is both like every other era and like no other time in history—  

It is audacious
to declare our faith
and to commit our work to a world that is
more free,
more just,
more whole.

But we are an audacious people in good company, with many kin, and we are ready to show up and work hard
and stay humble
and make friends
and hold the vision
starting here, now, today, with us and persevering—
however long it takes—until that other world is not only possible, but
Another world is here.

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